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Cost EffectiveCompassionate. Timely.

Michelle Sylvain leads ADR Solutions in Providing Caring, Dispute Resolution,

On Time and Within Your Budget.

We provide comprehensive mediation for self-represented parties, as well as those with attorneys, in most contract disputes such as:

  • Contract or Small Claims

  • Divorce: Asset Distribution, Property, Debts and/or Parenting Issues

  • Landlord/Tenant

  • HOA Disputes

  • Real Estate: Earnest Money or Broker Disputes

  • Non Profit Entity and Small Business Formation, Asset Distribution and Dissolution


Founder Michelle Sylvain, attorney-mediator, leads the firm in helping people navigate disputes and arrive at a caring, confidential and quick resolution. Our services meet court ordered requirements and we are extremely successful in helping people settle contentious disputes without needless litigation.


Michelle is a native Coloradoan and effective Attorney active in the Eagle, Garfield, Summit and Pitkin counties for the past decade. Prior to moving here, she litigated family, property and contract disputes for fifteen years in Denver, CO., then taughht law school full time in Kansas and later as an adjunct law faculty at DU Sturm College of Law. Michelle now serves as an Attorney-Mediator and Arbitrator available virtually throughout Colorado.

​​In 2018 Michelle recognized the need for more collaborative and compassionate alternative dispute resolution services and transitioned to a solely on mediation and arbitration practice. Michelle now successfully helps parties resolve knotty family law, real estate and other contractual disputes. As a former litigator who worked closely with the Courts, she is especially effective in helping parties avoid needless litigation.


​During family mediations, Michelle is committed to providing families the necessary tools and long-term plans to support the whole family. Her astute knowledge of, and experience working in, the courts is invaluable in this hands-on, collaborative approach to conflict resolution. As a mother she understands that arriving at successful resolution is not a “one size fits all” situation. Michelle focuses on maintaining positive co-parenting and keeping family dynamics intact for the benefit of the parties and for their children's future.


In her previous law practice, Michelle managed hundreds of domestic relations, real estate, and contract cases, and worked in close collaboration with Colorado judges, magistrates and District court staff, expertly analyzing the pleadings of family and other civil law attorneys and recommending the most appropriate resolutions for Judges' Orders. 

​Using innovative approach to making problem solving and justice more available to everyone is not a new endeavor.


Michelle created and staffed one of the first Self-Representative Litigant Self Help Centers in Colorado, helping non-represented litigants fill our court forms, and delivering DIY workshops for parties appearing in court without an attorney. As a member of her District Court's Access to Justice Committee and participant in local Judicial District “Law Days” throughout seven Colorado counties, Michelle helped pro se litigants better achieve access to justice. Seeing a need to multiply awareness, Michelle trained local librarians to provide effective legal resource research in rural libraries for non-represented parties. Her efforts increased local community access to free legal resources, including legal advice and mediation services.


​​In all mediations, Michelle begins from the belief that compassion and understanding are at the heart of successful conflict resolution. She prides herself in her ability to help successfully guide clients through a very challenging experience. When maintaining a relationship is important, Michelle is successful in helping parties communicate effectively and with the least tension. If you are looking to resolve your issue promptly, schedule a Mediation Session or Arbitration today. Contact Michelle Sylvain today at: or via email:


If you’d like to resolve your issue promptly, schedule a Mediation Session today. You can either go  to the "Online Booking" page to pick a date that works for you, or go  to the "Contact Page" to provide your details. For more Mediation information go to link:

 Para Ayuda en Español va: 

News and Tips

Useful Information for Parties

ADR Solutions works on all mediations in the belief that compassion and understanding are at the heart of successful conflict resolution. When maintaining relationship is important, come to ADR Solutions. We help people successfully communicate and avoid needless litigation. Check out our resources below and let us know if you have any questions.


To access Spanish speaking attorneys go to:[Para Ayuda en Español]


General Call In Clinics: 

The next free, monthly "Call4All" legal advice clinic is on February 22nd from 5-7:30pm. Call 1-844-404-7400 from 5 to 7:30 if you are a senior or to see if you qualify as low-income to talk one-on-one with an attorney. This clinic is every 3rd Wednesday of the month and is hosted by Colorado Legal Services.  Location:  the Summit County Community Center, but you do not have to be a resident of Summit County to attend. 


This clinic provides free, confidential, legal advice for seniors and low-income, unrepresented community members in family law, tenant/landlord law, protection orders, consumer/collections, and small claims. The clinic cannot help with criminal or traffic questions.  

Colorado Legal Services'  general call-in clinics occur monthly on the first Thursday and third Wednesday of each month.  These clinics are for seniors and low-income community members. It provides brief, one-on-one legal advice in the areas of family law, tenant/landlord law, protection orders, and consumer/collections.  Call 1-800-521-6968 to confirm holiday schedule.

Low Income Legal Assistance

Additional Free Legal Self-Help Clinics: First Monday of the Month 2:00 pm - 3:30 pmAt the Avon Public Library - 200 Benchmark Rd. | Avon, Colorado 81620 | 970-949-6797 



Volunteer attorneys will assist one-on-one, via computer link. Walk-ins welcome, first come, first served. Attorneys will meet one-on-one with patrons to answer questions,help fill out forms, and explain the process and procedure for civil legal issues including family law, civil litigation, property law, probate law, collections, appeals, landlord-tenant law, veteran's benefits, and civil protection orders.

This clinic is information only and in no substitute for legal representation. You have the right to retain an attorney at any time and are advised to do so. Go to for access to forms, statutes, instructions, and flowcharts.

Business Meeting
Business Conference

ADR Solutions now offers ODR Mediation Services

 If you need to schedule a court- ordered mediation session through the Office of Dispute Resolution, please use our contact page, schedule the next available session on our booking page or go to the Colorado Court website:

[Colorado Judicial Branch - Administration - Court Services - Office of Dispute Resolution]- to find more information about how to mediate or for a biography of local ODR Mediator Michelle Sylvain. 

To access Spanish speaking attorneys go to:
[Para Ayuda en Español]

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