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Couple in Mediation


1. SELECT DATE AND TIME: Once you determine that all parties/counsel have agreed to book with ADR Solutions, LLC Mediation, please find at least two mutually agreed upon dates, noting start time preference for your mediation. Requests must be at least one week out, or an additional $50 fee will be charged for an expedited mediation.

2. REQUEST YOUR SERVICE ONLINE BELOW:  Select the desired service. The

2-hour session is the minimum for a Court-Ordered Mediation. Select the first available date mutually acceptable to both parties and fill out the form. If you aren't ready to pay entire fee today, you can return the Contact Form below. However, this will delay your scheduling.


SUBMIT A "CONTACT REQUEST": At the bottom of the "Home" or "Contact Page" you'll find a form that you can submit. If the progam is not cooperating, PRINT it out, scan it, and return it by email to or by fax to 970.415.4754. You’ll receive a reply from us within 48 hours. Please submit several acceptable scheduling dates, all at least one week out, so we can quickly confirm an open date. Include both parties' email address and we'll send the e-invoice to each party’s email address.

3. GET ADDITIONAL SUPPORT: After you have submitted the date, if you feel you need dditional support to prepare for mediation, click our Contact Form on the "Home Page," or print, scan or send pix of the completed Contact Form to,com 

Put REQUEST GUIDELINES/CONSULT on the subject line. (Consults are brief 10-15-minute phone conversation with an ADR professional.) In your message tell us which one you prefer. We will contact you within 48 hours to arrange the requested support.

  • This service meets Court-Ordered mediation requirements.

    Prices start at $450
  • For four hour mediation or for multiple parties.

    Prices start @$1000
  • For multiple parties or extremely complex disputes.

    Prices start @ $1750
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