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Mediation and Other Decision-Making Support.

Here's How Our Process Works

Mediation can help lighten a challenging load. Our clients find they:

-- Save money.

--Simplify decision making.

-- Arrive at resolution more quickly.

Mediation is an informal and flexible dispute resolution process. The mediator's role is to guide the parties toward their own resolution. The parties bring their proposals and work toward mutually acceptable solutions. Through joint sessions and separate caucuses with parties, the mediator helps both sides define the issues clearly, understand each other's position, and move closer to resolution. You are the experts about your particular situation. Therefore, our mediators serve as a neutral third party to guide you through a process of being heard. They help you talk through the creation of win-win solutions to resolve your disputes. Mediation is conducted by Zoom conferencing, sometimes using private breakout rooms and shuttle diplomacy.  Our mediation services comply with court-ordered alternative dispute resolution requirements.   

ADR Solutions provides mediation services to people or parties seeking resolution beyond the confines of a contentious courtroom. In collaborative mediation, you retain your decision-making powers and are empowered to resolve your issues using your own personal expertise and knowledge. You design the best solutions for your family or business. 

When you disagree but need/want to keep dialogue open, let Michelle Sylvain of ADR Solutions help. She is passionate about helping people arrive at mutually-acceptable, peaceful resolution.  She specializes in the following areas:

  • Asset Division/Contract Mediation

  • Conflict/Divorce Coaching

  • Early Neutral Evaluation/Risk Assessment 

  • Family Law Mediation (including Dissolution/Asset Division/Parenting Time/Decision-Making/ Support)

  • FED / Eviction Mediation/ HOA Conflicts /Buyer Seller Broker Disputes

  • Non-Profit Entity or Small Business: Formation, Asset Distribution and Dissolution 

Schedule your private and confidential session today. 

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Business Meeting
Office Meeting

Prenuptial  or Dissolution Coaching

Couples look to ADR Solutions for coaching in preparation for complicated conversations. The firm is expert in guiding clients through the discussion needed to develop a pre-nuptial agreement. It also assists clients in talking through dissolution decisions such as support and alimony, or conversations needed to arrive at fair and mutual parenting and visitation agreements.

ADR Solutions also helps people beginning or concluding a business relationships work past roadblocks. In situations such as succession, it has helped people collaboratively figure out what to do to avoid needless litigation. This works as well for parties wish to do it themselves, as for parties working with attorneys.

Attorneys are welcome to attend the process to help their clients understand the legal issues. As in all ADR Solution processes, our clients are in charge of making the ultimate decisions.

You can book mediation by going to our "Book Online" page or to our "Contact" page to tell us more about what might work best in your specific situation.

Expert Guidance

ADR Solutions is committed to bringing compassion, open communication and support to each of its mediation and other alternative dispute resolution engagements. ADR Solutions brings compassion, open communication and support to each of its mediation and other alternative dispute resolution engagements.
We help people stuck in disagreement move to productive conversations, while preserving critical connections. We’re also known for facilitating respectful conversations. We’ve successfully led clients in creating a workable parenting and visitation agreements, succession plans and agreements for other challenging relationship transitions. We make sure you can be heard.
ADR Solutions  helps clients get back to their lives – quickly and cost effectively. Our clients are the number one priority, and I am committed to their success. Book a session today to to obtain the support you need. Go to our "Book Online page to find a date that works for your schedule. Or fill out a form on our "Contact" page to arrange a time to talk about your specific needs.

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